Logo Selection

During the January 2014 Board meeting, there was initial discussion regarding the development of a Club logo to better identify the Club. Subsequently, at the July 2014 Board meeting, there was additional discussion and review of suggested logos. As an outcome of this discussion, the Board feels that having two logos is a plausible solution. The first logo would be one that is displayed on the Club's web site welcome page as well being displayed as on any written correspondence using Club stationery. The second logo would be used on Club clothing, posters and banners. Attached to this page are two files (one in PDF format and one in Power Point format) that present the logo choices. Please take a few minutes to consider these choices as the Board would like to entertain a vote on the logos during the September meeting.

Download: 2014-07-17logochoices.pdf
Download: 2014-07-17logochoices.pptx