2024 Photo Contest Rules for Members

Windsor Garden Club Monthly Photo Contest Rules

Submission Rules and Guidelines

• The photo can be submitted by/for a current Windsor Garden Club.
• The photo must be taken in Windsor or the member’s town of residency.
• The photo content must be a garden, plant, landscape, nature or natural element.
o Non-domestic animals/insects/birds are OK.
o No photos of pets or people.
• The photo must be taken within the contest month. (e.g., the January contest can only be photos taken in January, February photos in February, etc.)
• Members can submit only one photo per month.
• Submissions will be accepted digitally, or printed photos can be mailed to the P.O. box to be received by that month’s submission deadline. (A member can submit a photo on the behalf of another member)
• With the photo, the member must include the following details:
• Photographer’s name. (Indicate if the photographer is different from the submitter)
• Date photo was taken.
• Location the photo was taken.
• Plant/animal/insect names, if applicable
• Title the photo and write one sentence about the photo – for example, what made you take this photo? What is your favorite part about the photo? What else do you want others to know about the photo?
• Executive Board members can submit photos, but they cannot vote.
• Votes can only be made by current paid members.
• The winner does not need to present at the meeting to win.
• Each month the winner will receive a prize TBD

Submission Dates and Information
Photos will be emailed to windsorctgardenclub@gmail.com or printouts mailed to P.O. Box 233 Windsor, CT 06095. Photos must be received each month by the below deadlines.

January Photo Contest Submit by January 31 (voting at Feb. meeting)

February Photo Contest Submit by February 29 (voting at March meeting)

March Photo Contest Submit by March 31 (voting at April meeting)

April Photo Contest Submit by April 30 (voting at May meeting)

May Photo Contest Submit by May 31 (voting at June meeting)

June Photo Contest Submit by June 30 (voting at July meeting)

July Photo Contest Submit by July 31 (voting at August meeting)

August Photo Contest Submit by August 31 (voting at September meeting)

September Photo Contest Submit by September 30 (voting at October meeting)

October Photo Contest Submit by October 31 (voting at November meeting)

November Photo Contest Submit by November 30 (voting at Holiday Luncheon)

December Photo Contest Submit by December 31 (online voting only)

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