Request Club Assistance

The Windsor Garden Club Civic Endeavors and Beautification Committees may use the resources of the Club to assist in the design of landscape beautification projects within public and community areas of our hometown of Windsor, Connecticut.

Assistance and Projects we may consider:

- Garden clean-ups for elderly gardeners and former members
- Installation and planning for community gardens or planters in
public locations or private property (non-resident)
- Speakers or presenters for your garden-related event
- Other - give us your great idea, and we will review it!

If you or your organization is proposing a project that might benefit from our expertise, please print and fill out our form or submit your information on the Contact Us tab.

All our requests are subject to the availability of our club volunteers and funding.

Please note: We do not perform or recommend paid landscape or garden work for hire at resident homes. If you are curious about what to plant in your home garden or want to learn more about gardening in Windsor, we highly recommend coming to our next meeting and joining our club.

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