Common interests of gardeners living in Windsor culminated with the formation of the Windsor Garden Club in July of 1937. The initial organizational meeting of the club took place on Friday, July 23rd, at the Bookshelf Shop. The shop was located on Broad Street in the center of town. From this meeting, consensus was reached to conduct the first, formal meeting of the Club on September 27th. The meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Edwards Fish, 30 Laurel Avenue.

Mrs. William R. Snelgrove was assigned the duties of chairperson of an initial nominating committee which would present recommendations for the initial slate of Club officers. Mrs. Frederick J. Eberle was designated as the chairperson of a committee which would plan the events of the September meeting.

Initial Club bylaws would be written by another committee. This committee was led by Mrs. Hillard Bryant. The bylaws provided the initial structure for the continued operations of the Club.

The initial plans of the new Club included a monthly evening meeting, on the fourth Monday of the month. Also planned were two garden shows each month as well as having guest speakers at each monthly meeting. Club membership was opened to men as well as women.

Our meetings are typically on the second Monday of every month. They are held at the L. P. Wilson Community Center (599 Matianuck Avenue) within the Senior Center Room. Meetings begin at 7:00 PM with social time beginning at 6:30 PM. Please check the calendar page to verify all meeting dates. During the months of June, July and August, club meetings are informal and are typically held at member's homes.