Appreciation Letters

On this page are download links to various letters which have been sent to the Club as a show of appreciation for the efforts put forth by the members of the Club.

Download: 2015 - CRIS Radio aprreciation letter for work done on the facility's landscaping
Download: 2016 - Wreaths thank you notes for 2016 holiday wreaths
2018 - Clara Horn appreciation note for yard assistance
To All of You
Thank you for all your kindness

Dear Patty and Windsor Garden Club member volunteers,

Somehow just saying "thank you" doesn't seem like enough. But we hope you know how much your kindness has meant to us.

Thank you all for your work on Clara's yard; it looks great!! Thank you, Patty, for organizing this wonderful work effort!!! You are great people. Thanks again,

Dave (neighbor, son-in-law) and Clara