Club Constitution

Club Constitution
To view the current edition of the Club's constitution, please feel free to download one of the two files provided. The files are in Word and PDF formats.

January 27, 2020 - The last bylaws review/update was in 2013/2014. With a goal of ensuring bylaws and actual practice match, the Executive Board has spent several months reviewing and updating, including adding detailed information concerning positions, responsibilities, and timeline. Note that revised or added text is bolded and in blue to make it easy to see recommended changes.

Please take the time to review the document between now and the March meeting, when it will be presented for a vote to approve. Between now and then, you are welcome to speak with any WGC officer about the revisions.

Download: 2014-03-01windsorgardenclubconstitution.docx
Download: 2014-03-01windsorgardenclubconstitution.pdf
Download Bylaws.2020 proposed-revisions-BOLDED.pdf
Download: constitution.jpg