Co-President's Welcome Message for 2019 - 2020

Co-President's Welcome Message for 2019 - 2020
“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece”
- Claude Monet

Welcome to the web site of the Windsor Garden Club, one of Connecticut's oldest garden clubs. Established in 1937, we are celebrating 82 years of existence in 2019! Our mission is to promote an interest in gardening, wild plant life, trees, civic beautification projects and environmental issues and to work toward those ends.

We are a diverse and multi-generational club with monthly meetings, typically at the L.P. Wilson Center cafeteria (599 Matianuck Avenue). Meetings are generally held on the second Monday of the month with some changes due to Federal holidays. Please use the event calendar as your reference!

In the months of June, July and August one of our members hosts the meeting at their respective home. We welcome you to attend one of our meetings to learn more about the Club and to meet our members. Hopefully, this visit will entice you to become a participating member of the Club.

Our first official meeting of the year will take place in a beautiful garden. We will meet up and depart from the L.P. Wilson Center to ensure there is plenty of parking at our destination. We will also have more hand-on experiences this year with the opportunity to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece at our November meeting.

Most meetings include social time, and a guest speaker, followed by Club business. Club members serve on specific committees such as the following: 1) scholarship committee, 2) civic endeavor committee, 3) town beautification committee, 4) garden mart committee, 5) garden tour committee, and 6) the Strong Howard House Herb Garden committee. The garden mart (plant sale) and the garden tour are the Club’s primary fund raising events.

Our town beautification projects include the Broad Street Post Office, CRIS Radio, Praise, Power and Prayer Christian School, and a makeover of the landscaping at the Wilson Library.

In December we decorate holiday wreaths to distribute to town offices, facilities, and nursing homes. In February we hold our soup talk meeting, gathering for homemade soups, breads and garden talk, which includes new ideas, some new tools and socializing.

We also conduct field trips during the year. As an example, early in 2018, Club members enjoyed a day-long bus excursion to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Deborah Baker and Patty Crowley